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¨Chants from Overseas¨ (Poetics and contemporary visions through Ceramic in the Dutch Caribbean). #1

After four weeks of intense work at EKWC @ekwc_oisterwijk, I want to thank @mondriaanfonds for supporting ¨Chants from Overseas¨ (Poetics and Contemporary Visions through Ceramic in the Dutch Caribbean).

This artistic project is focused on the connection between contemporary ceramics, oral traditions, Caribbean folktales, and new ways to create fiction.

Samuel Sarmiento ceramic
Viajeros cruzando la selva. Esmalte sobre Gres y Oro. 2024

The Creation of Continents. Glaze on stoneware. 2024.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, during the creation of the planet, the Earth only contained water. Legends suggest that living beings descended from a great palm tree, as if it were a celestial staircase. Both deities and humans attempted, unsuccessfully, to live in this habitat, but walking on the water would lead to them drowning in it.

Tired of being unable to fulfill their earthly tasks, they sought advice from the God of destiny, who suggested gradually spreading white sand over the vast ocean, so that everyone would have somewhere to land. Humans of all races and fierce animals refused to walk on this fine layer of sand, as all previous expeditions had been in vain. Only two animals decided to descend together: the blonde hen and the chameleon. The hen, through the act of spreading the sand with its feet and beak in all directions, caused the sand to expand its dimensions, while the chameleon delicately stepped on the sand to settle it, turning the grains of sand into solid ground. After several days of working together, they formed the first islands, which later became the home of the first human and animal communities of all species. Afro-Caribbean Legend.

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