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¨Chants from Overseas¨ (Poetics and Contemporary Visions through Ceramic in the Dutch Caribbean) #process

Samuel Sarmiento Aruba
Untitled. Esmalte sobre Gres y Oro. 2024 #Backside

After an intense and dedicated ceramic-focused journey at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands, Samuel Sarmiento has completed his artist residency.

His compromise as an artist is reflected in the meticulous work he puts into every piece he creates, which dazzlingly delights viewers. Through his illustrations, which he uniquely depicts in every ceramic, he narrates various Caribbean stories about orality, human existence, and mythological reflections, among other topics inherent to his artistic background and identity.

Samuel Sarmiento Art
Studio visit #1 / CBK Zuidoost team

Samuel Sarmiento Art
Some pieces part of my Artistic process at EKWC (NL)

Samuel Sarmiento Art
Studio visit #4 @EKWC / Stichting DOEN team

Samuel Sarmiento Art
Studio visit #5 @EKWC

This working period at EKWC was possible thanks to the support of Stichting DOEN, Mondriaan Fund, and Amarte Fonds.

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